Written by Coach Michael

I have learned that some of you doubt the 12 points of my English school examination, well, here we go. As I do not Google all this stuff there will be some failures in English grammar. If you find them, ok, than you earn maybe more than my 12 points from the English High School Graduation. I also will use my 15 points from the German school examination and do not write a report this time. Instead I will write a story – a different kind of article where I am allowed to bring in my personal opinions also.

There may be some better options to use the day before christmas than going to a youth soccer tournament with the U17 youth team from FC Phönix München to Erding. Maybe using the time to prepare your home for christmas day. Or spend the time with your family or friends or sitting in front of your Playstation. All that were no options for the U17 team from FC Phönix München, this time coached by Franz & Markus as coach Michael wanted to see the games with the crowd on the stands.

The team with Robin (Goalie), Malte (Captain), Pano, Vincent, David, Timi, Moritz, Rapha, Aleks and Yannick wanted the cash award for the top 3 teams. And they showed their will for going to that from the very first second of the very first game. They had to play versus SV AM HART, a team playing in the Kreisklasse like we do. And the Yannick Luck games started. First shot at the goal – and Yannick scored after 30 seconds. One Minute later second shot at the goal – and Yannick scored again. And guess what – third shot at the goal after three minutes – and Yannick did it again. Unbelievable freaking performance from this young talented forwarder who always stayes humble. First game – first win with 4-1. A pretty good start I guess. Second game versus SV AUBING, a pretty good Kreisklasse team as well. It was a hard fight, we scored, they scored and guess what happened? Yannick made the late goal for the 2-1 victory. The third game versus SC ARCADIA was not the best performance of the day but we had Yannick again for a 1-1 draw. So all mattered now was not to loose the last group game vs. the BEZIRKSOBERLIGA-TEAM from JFG GLONNTAL, a really tough opponent. Well, what should I say – we got the lead early and it is not necessary to say who scored or do you want to read Yannick´s name again? Also our Goalie Robin showed up with a couple of great saves and we got again a 1-1 draw. That result was good enough to get the lead in our group and going to the semi-final.

The opponent in the semi-final was SG MOOSEN/TAUFKIRCHEN, a darn good team of the Kreisliga. Our white-and-blue dressed boys really went all in for that game and dominated the opponent from the very first to the last second. The defense showed up big, Robin again had a couple of good saves, we scored twice – and Yannick did it again with one goal. After the final whistle our boys celebrated enthusiastic – we reached the final – our goal from the first minute as Coach Franz pointed out in his locker room speech after the game.

The final versus our longtime rival from SC BALDHAM started badly – we were down 0-1 after 38 seconds. But no worries folks, you have Yannick on your team. He made the 1-1 draw with an unbelievable goal from the sideline in the middle of the field, his back to the goal, after 5 minutes. The speedy game goes up and down the field and once again our Goalie Robin had some spectacular saves. As the clock runs down everybody seems to be preparing for the penalty shootout. A big big failure – on that top level you had to be concentrated until the final whistle blows. 30 seconds before the end we opened the middle of the field, did not attack an opponent and his shot in the top corner was unstoppable even for Robin. Minutes after the game during the award ceremony the boys started to smile again – and right so!

This was a heck of a tournament for our U17 team. This group of young man represented FC PHÖNIX again with a top athletic performance and examplary behavior in the very best possible way. BTW – a cash award of 50,- Euro really helps to keep smiling again. See you at KFC with that cash soon folks. The tournament was a nearly perfect finish for 2018 and your coaches cant be any prowder of you boys, more to come in 2019.